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KWCR Wildcat Radio,Weber State University’s radio station, is hosting a FREE music festival, “KWCR Fest,” in the Shepherd Union building on campus this April.


KWCR Fest is open to the public and features five bands local to Utah. The lineup includes The Snarlin’ Yarns, Dirty Hands, Sage Lane, Compass Rose, and Sunny Day Soap Opera.


“We’ve been planning KWCR Fest since December,” said KWCR General Manager Ivonne Camas. “Our main goal is to grow more connected with the community and the local music scene. It’s fun to see everything we worked hard for come to fruition.”


The April 4 event starts at 5:00 pm and ends at 8:00 pm. There will be free food, a merch stand for the bands playing the festival, and door prizes for those in attendance. There will also be booths showcasing other Weber State clubs and organizations along with local Ogden vendors. 


The entire event was organized and planned by the student leaders at KWCR.


KWCR Music Director Stella Ferro said, “I feel like local music is something that was way more accessible before COVID, and recently there haven't been many opportunities to find local music. I’m most excited about giving a platform for these local bands.”

Rap Music Performance
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